Ibiza Fitness Food

Fresh, healthy, & nutritious food, AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE in UK or Ibiza, SPAIN


we cook healthy, delicious MEAL PLANS from scratch, using locally sourced whole foods – theN deliver to your door!
Imagine all the advantages of having your private chef at home, without the huge cost (and of course the awkward small talk every day).

healthy and nutritious

Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase performance, shred down or bulk up, our qualified nutritionists can help you design meal plans that suit your goals as well as your lifestyle.

 Our goal is to make eating healthy as easy and sustainable as possible. Meal plans start from just £69.99 with FREE DELIVERY available in UK and Ibiza (May – September).





Choose between our Shred, Maintain or Bulk packages, depending on your fitness goal.



Our team of highly skilled chefs will cook your food using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients!



We work around the clock ensuring you have a constant supply of fresh, tasty food in your fridge, be it at home or work.


We are a dedicated team of passionate, fitness fanatics. We make it our mission to provide amazing food, so tasty it makes eating well easier than you ever imagined, with maximum convenience.


Everything from crafting custom meal plans coupled with our popular meal prep, catering for events, or welcoming you into one of our stores for our revolutionary fast food that doesn’t impair your gains or your wallet.

Ana Lukac

It is really difficult in Ibiza trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst working and going out all the time, Ibiza Fitness Foods have saved us the hassle of having to cook and clean. Meals are delicious and something new is on the menu each day. Thanks again guys!!

Oliver Glen

Excellent service as always, delivered straight to my door at a great price �would recommend to everyone - the food is fantastic!

Declan O’hora

Fantastic! proper tasty food , 3 mins in the microwave don't think it lasted longer than a min out of it ! Thank you guys an look forward to my next meal. Perfect for anyone who's busy in the summer .

Bettina Marki

Anyone who dosent want to spend hours in the kitchen meal preping, just give it a go, you wont regret it, its delicious and nutritious.It is very affordable as well. I will definetly order again, it is a massive help to stay on track in the busy summer time.

Elisabeth Frost

Amazing food, great price, brilliant service. Thank you

Jonjon Moon

This is exactly what people need who are either: busy, into health or/and fitness or just want an easy delicious (and cheap!) bunch of meals delivered to your house (or work). Cant recommend it enough, and i have access to all the food i want from my restaurant 🙂 !!

Nicola Gaston

Thank you !!!!! I'm so busy in summer and far from healthy and now your delivering tasty healthy meals straight to my fridge! breakfast lunch and dinner and I've not needed any unhealthy snacks in between. I was wasting food & money throwing it away not having time or energy to cook and spending money on takeaways so the price is perfect. I've asked a tonne of questions and you've been so helpful and listened to my needs, likes & dislikes, I've recommend you to a tonne of people! Keep up the good work see you Thur for my next delivery xx

Frankie Last

You guys Saved my life!!! Working 7 days a week, 12 hour days, in a busy salon... I rarely get time to eat let alone have time to make anything or get to somewhere that I can enjoy or afford daily! I also have the issue of being vegan which proves hard in San Antonio at the best of times, let alone when you don't have a minute to spare! 3 meals a day at 3 days at a time all in my fridge at work I know I won't be skipping meals or having the stress of being able to eat healthily! You guys have literally saved the day with this amazing business! Thank you again ✌️

Frankie Last
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