4 Week Plan

From: £479.99
€ 623.99

The price shown above is for 4 week of meals (Mon-Sat) and includes FREE Nationwide Delivery.

If you are serious about becoming the best version of yourself, focusing more of your valuable time on work, gym, social/family time, this is the plan for you! No more agony of coming home after a long day only to be faced with the “what to cook/eat” dilemma. Instead you will find delicious, ready to eat food in your fridge! Throw off the shackles, sit back and enjoy. Then decide how to spend all the time you would normally spend shopping, cooking & washing up.

Oh and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we automatically upgrade all our 4 weekly clients to the drinks, healthy snacks and desserts package.

72 x meals in total
3 x meals per day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) x 6 days (Mon – Sat) over 4 weeks!

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